Do You Have Flat Feet? How to Test Yourself

An ordinary foot presents an arch between the ball of the foot and the heel.

Flat feet may be present from childhood, in the case where the arch never developed, even though most people have no signs or symptoms associated with flat feet.

flat feet test corkAdults with flat feet have less chances than children to recover their arches, giving the fact that the tissues and muscles have stopped developing.

You can easily test yourself to see if you might have fallen arches or flat feet, following these simple steps:

  • Get your feet wet;
  • Stand on a flat surface where your footprint will show, such as on concrete pavement, a newspaper or cardboard;
  • Step away and look at the prints.

Look for the classic “footprint in the sand” print: you should be able to see a noticeable curve inward from your big toe to your heel. If you see complete imprints of the bottom of your feet on the surface, then you’re likely to have flat feet.

This particular test is commonly known as the “wet foot test“.

Many young children have flat feet, a condition referred to as flexible flat feet. When the child stands, the feet look flat. However, when the child rises to his or her toes, a slight arch appears. In most cases, as children grow older, the arches develop.

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